How long will it take to write my documents?

Most documents are prepared within 5-7 working days.


An express service is available for an additional fee (depending on availability).​​​

"Every new day is another chance to change your life."

My Resume Rules is a professional writing service that specialises in creating customised documents, such as resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and professional biographies as well as corporate communications and website content.

We'll work closely with you via telephone and email to help you identify and promote your core strengths, career achievements and unique point of difference to make sure that your documents stand out from your competitors.

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My Resume Rules was founded by Catherine Chadevski, a professional resume writer with more than 15 years' experience creating a range of documents, including corporate communications, website content, resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and selection criteria responses.

​Catherine specialises in identifying and highlighting career achievements in line with job specifications, employer expectations and industry requirements.  ​This includes using key terms and phrases that are often used to search for people with certain experience, skills and behaviours.

"Every client has a different story to tell and I love helping people get over the feeling that they're bragging about themselves. Sometimes that one piece of information is the point of difference that can land you that all important interview!  Helping people identify and articulate their key achievements is where I think I add the most value."


We've helped people from a broad range of industries and academic backgrounds, including:


♦ Architects

♦ Aviation / Travel

♦ Business Owners

♦ CEOs / CFOs / CIOs / COOs

♦ Company Directors

♦ Counsellors

♦ Defence Force Personnel

♦ Engineers

​♦ Event Managers

♦ Financial Planners

♦ Government Representatives

♦ IT consultants

♦ Journalists

♦ Labourers

♦ Magistrates

♦ Managers

♦ Manufacturers

♦ Marketing / Advertising Professionals

♦ Media Representatives

♦ Medical Practitioners

♦ Mental Health & Aged Care

♦ Musicians

♦ Nurses

♦ Project / Program Managers

♦ Researchers

♦ Retail / Sales Personnel

♦ Security Guards

♦ Software Developers

♦ School Leavers

♦ Solicitors

​♦ Sports Professionals

♦ Students

♦ Supply Chain Specialists

♦ Teachers​

♦ Trade Workers

♦ Website Designers